It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and come to the conclusion that I probably won’t be posting here again anytime soon.  I thought I could build a bridge between trans-activists and feminists but now I realize that male socialized trans-activists are so far off the deep end in their self-involvement that there is probably no reconciliation to be had.  They’ll never see how their male privilege precludes them from inclusion in women’s spaces.  I probably spilled more words here conceding ground to these people than anything else.

I’ll keep to reading rad fem writings and working on my own socialized bullshit and leave the transplainin’ to someone else.  Shout out to Plastic Girl for being the only transperson I’ve seen who’s been unafraid to buck the Trans Party Line.


…if one were to develop a feminist history centering Native women, feminist history in this country would start in 1492 with the resistance to patriarchal colonization. The insistence on a first, second, and third wave approach toward understanding feminism therefore keeps white feminism at the center of our analysis and organizing practice.

-Andrea Smith,

Without Bureaucracy, Beyond Inclusion: Re-centering Feminism (2006)

A great read, I’d point out, though, that the feminist movement referred to in this quote started in Hispañola, the fight came to North America in 1607.

Too Often Overlooked

Adult privilege is one that anti-oppression activists overlook too often.  Here’s a great check-list unpacking it:

The Adult Privilege Check-list

Best Comment Policy EVAR!

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