I’m a queer as fuck tranny dyke.  While that label comes nowhere close to the nuances that make up my person, it’s about the simplest breakdown I can make.  I can only make sense of my gender and sexuality through the language of my oppressors.  I can only make sense of myself through reclamation.

I accept that femininity is oppressive, I accept that masculinity is oppressive…


When I wear pink, or tight booty pants whose crotches are less than accommodating, or fairy wings, or cute shoes and scarves, when I cry, that’s not an attempt to buy into the classification that says I’m feminine.  It’s a big old FUCK YOU to the gender binary and all of those who would make me perform it.

I’ll not have lectures from cisfeminists who want to dictate the way I navigate the binary.  We’re all trying to survive the patriarchy and find our true selves burried under all of this toxic oppression.  That’s my struggle, I do it through reclamation.


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  1. Tigs
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 01:05:24

    I fully support you going through the world in a way that makes sense to you, but I tend to be really suspicious of the possibilities of reclaiming reactionary femininity in a meaningful way.

    I do think queering femininity might be effective, indeed, potentially as effective as straight up rejection, but I think a lot what is posited as queering just gets read as alterna-compliance. Burlesque for example– I’m all for people finding ways to publicly own their sexual performance, but when it’s really just a strip show for kids with thick framed glasses, I’m not sure that has any real subversive content.


    • QueerCoup
      Mar 20, 2011 @ 10:58:03

      Sure, I think one of our dilemmas is identifying what is reactionary femininity and what can be meaningfully reclaimed. Your example of burlesque is a good one, I can remember being sold the idea that modern burlesque was a feminist reclamation, then showing up to a show and seeing that there was no attempt to give it any kind of subversive content and the audience was full of creepers looking for a peep show. I can’t see high heels ever representing anything other than foot binding; shaving, cosmetic surgery, they all are harmful practices of compliance and I don’t see how they could be reclaimed.


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